An introduction to the life of adderley an american athlete


Alpine skier, Marco Sullivan, blogs about normal days of 5: Some sports call for speed, while other sports focus on power and distance. Their workouts are diverse, and differ depending on the time of the year. Shani Davis, Olympic long track speedskater, wrote a blog entry in July of off-season that tells of a 6 hour training day including mountain biking to the top of a mountain.

The point is that no matter the sport, the training is intense throughout the year, with the pre-season the most intense. Jennifer Gibson, an RD and CSSD working with Summer Olympians, stresses the importance of a whole-food philosophy with a heavy emphasis on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins chicken and fishhealthy fats oils, nuts, avocadosand complex carbohydrates sweet potatoes, oatmeal, whole grains Outside Magazine, Some athletes benefit from being lean, while others find it advantageous to bulk up and increase their power.

Of course, every single athlete is different, and each will approach training and eating in a different way. What follows is a day in the life of a typical speed skater in the pre-season leading up to the Olympics, along with a suggestions of how they might fuel themselves.

Yet, I will try to describe the daily life of one of the more popular winter Olympic athlete, speed skaters. Each Registered Dietitian must be a certified specialist in sports dietetics CSSD and have previous experience working with Olympic, collegiate, professional, or competitive athletes.

Meyer also states that a skater should get at least 1. As you can see, the diet of an Olympic athlete can be simple and contain many whole foods. Even athletes on the same team may have different physical goals based on duration of play, distance covered, and availability of fuel during play.

A speed skater needs to be lean and fast, but they must also be powerful. Olympic athletes periodize their training schedules based on whether they are in the post-season recoveryoff-season, pre-season, or competition season.

The speed skating training regimen is similar to many aerobic sports, such as hockey, basketball, ski racing, and snowboarding.An Introduction to the Life of Adderley an American Athlete PAGES 1.

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Jun 23,  · Ever wonder what a day for an elite athlete looks like? Here a look at a typical day for me from breakfast to practice:).

An introduction to the life of adderley an american athlete
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