Analysis of tell the women were

Women seem to be the catalyst for the whole story. Bill had his own life, finished college and had his own wife. This is not the first occasion that the narrator gives some insight into the violent capabilities of Jerry. First there is the incident when he punches playfully Bill in the stomach when Bill is opening the door.

The first section is a short introduction to the seemingly happy and normal lives of Bill and Jerry, and the rest of the story is an actual account of their day. I could use some of that," when he sees two young women. So, desperation would have been the biggest motivator to carry out these type of things because had the women had some type of interest in them, the ending would have been quite different.

Bill thinks that he notices changes in Jerry, how he "was getting to be deep, the way he stared all the time and hardly did any talking at all" Working extremely hard to make sure that his family is feed and taken care of.

Jerry also calls them "bitches", "cunt", "cockteasers" which stresses the fact how he sees women overall. After having quite a few beers, they begin to drive and see two girls.

This is also juxtaposed by Bill, who went to college and now wishes to lead a single life. Another possible scenario is that Jerry killed both girls because of what they represented to him. The ending is such a shock because neither Bill nor the reader has any idea what was going to happen.

We are already aware that he has become introverted and moody but we also learn that he feels trapped. Then, the women on the bikes are just seen as objects to them. Jerry just wants to use them to unleash his psychotic urges and take out his anger. Or at least during the time when they were trying to catch up to the girls.

So by taking a ride with Jerry, which would have brought back great memories that the two were missing.

After prying where the girls are going out of them, Jerry and Bill drive to the location and wait for them to get there.Tell the Women We'Re Going.

Tell the Women We’re Going by Raymond Carver

English assignment: Tell the Women We’re Going summary The short story, “Tell the Women We’re Going” is about two men, Bill and Jerry. Bill and Jerry are best friends and have been so since childhood. Tell the Women We´Re Going ”Tell the Women We´re ultimedescente.comuation.” Bill stares at the death girls.

He is speechless. Jerry just walks back, towards the car. On the road Bill cannot believe what just had happened. He just sits on the seat next to the killer, with his face buried in the hands. Analysis of “Tell the Women We’Re Going” Analysis of “Tell the women we’re going” The short story “Tell the women we’re going” by Raymond Carver is a minimalist yet detailed story about two young men who have been best friends since forever.

Analysis of “Tell the women we’re going” The short story ”Tell the women we’re going” by Raymond Carver is a minimalistic yet detailed story about two young men who have been best friends since forever. Jerry's murders, in my mind, were a manifestation of the frustration of having married too early and his inability to sexually relieve himself in the way he wants (a women/girl other than his wife) either because he is too old or just creepy.

“Tell the Women We’re Going” by Raymond Carver starts with a backstory on Bill and Jerry, the main characters. The two men have been friends since they were children, attended school and college together and shared a lot of experiences, including girlfriends.

Themes and message

However, Jerry soon got married to Carol and dropped out of college.

Analysis of tell the women were
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