Backwood mail order case essay

Reply Adriana February 15, at 4: I was talking with a math professor who teaches undergraduate students. All of these are included in that tuition.

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And even if that was true for every university in Europe, what would be the problem? Secondly, journalism is supposed to be neutral i. This being said, the majority of the tuition fees a person is expected to pay in America is covered by ludicrously high sales and income taxes.

I paid nothing when I was in high school and I pay nothing in my university.

VikingPrincess June 8, at 4: Money should not prevent us from receiving an adequate education and I honestly wish Universities were cheaper here like they are in Europe. This is the difference. For example level of math, statistics and econometrics in most European schools greatly exceeds corresponding level in the US.

Honestly, college here is awesome aside from the cost. Of course the US have very good high-tech products, but a economy of million people cannot live from some top-research centers and some giants like Apple, Microsoft, Boing, Intel etc.

Most Americans, after all, attend large state schools. After getting my bachelor in France I have been brought to teach my mother tongue in the U.

All the while, rarely teaching, and leaving it to teacher assistants while they go off and try and make the University a profit through research grants, etc.

In US Business Schools that skill leaves much to be desired… working with calculus, integration, stochastic processes etc… is a nightmare for American students Reply lithium6 October 7, at 8: Reply Penny March 22, at 4: To provide a fresh perspective here, I had the feeling that students in my department were constantly being seduced into staying in classes where the level was so low that it could have been compared to what you would do in a random high school.

We spend more per capita on compulsory education and have significantly less to show for it. The real problem is in American students expectations. All colleges are always stronger in some areas than others, though they may offer a whole range of subjects.

I had some knowledge about European universities, but the conversations reinforced what I already believed. It is vague,lacking research, narrow-minded and utterly mis-leading.

European Universities vs. American Universities: We Win

Reply Mauricio August 11, at 3: Put in the money and the work and you get it back plus more. European school is better in many many ways. US school cost is a disaster it does not justify the cost.

America will regain its former glory when it values education and teachers, not curricula, sports stars, business giants or buildings.

Check out the dorm rooms with their fancy dining halls, and some of the newer dorms are pretty damn nice themselves. I am currently upset right now because my dream school is too expensive 60k a year?? Reply Arthur October 7, at 1: Here comes another issue which is driving me bananas. I would class both as a tie because it is too hard to decide what is a pro or a con of either education system.Jul 31,  · An Online Tagalog - English Dictionary Learn Tagalog or Filipino Language for free.

The complete printable index of all articles published in Backwoods Home Magazine from Issue #1 to # is available free in PDF format. (Click to get free Adobe PDF Reader.). European universities aren't like American colleges and universities. European universities offer no-frills education without the amenities of American colleges.

Backwood mail order case essay
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