Business studies coursework action plan

Business Studies Coursework

This would also attract more people attention because the advertisement is eye catching and colourful. For example if a product is put next to the till more people are likely to pay attention to it and therefore buy, whereas if it is put in the back corner it is very unlikely to be seen and brought by the consumer.

It is simple but effective and uses a little touch of colour to add interest. As all of my products are of high quality I think this would be a big loss in profit for the business if I were to give away products. Student A - Vintage Clothes Shop Sales Promotion Sales promotions are promotional methods that do not involve using the media such as by one get one free etc.

As this is only a draft I will make a few changes if I were to do it for real, for instance I would make the writing bigger to make it stand out more and easier to read. These are the six main types of sales promotion Buy one get one free BOGOF this is when a business sells the product to the consumer by offering one free if they do buy it.

So in total there will be eight people working in my shop including myself. I will also use buy one get one free BOGOF because it also attracts people with the appeal of a free gift and will again allow me to give away old stock that is not selling.

This is useful because it can make a lot more people buy the product and therefore can be used when you want to get rid of old stock or an unpopular product. They attract people on the spot to the product and are often a short-term solution, and therefore will only have an effect on the buying habits of the consumer for a short amount of time.

My business is only small and would not be able to take over their customer base but to make the venture worth while I would need to be making a profit therefore I 69 Student A - Vintage Clothes Shop Conclusion After analysing my questionnaire results I can see some improvements that can be made to my marketing scheme which should benefit the business, such as targeting a wider audience, this way I can bring in more customers to my shop and therefore make a bigger profit.

I will use a balance of text and pictures so that he consumer doesnt get overwhelmed by too much information and to little colour etc. The reasons why it will be successful are that I will be using sales promotion techniques, market research, advertising and I mixture of persuasive and informative advertising to appeal to the consumer and attract them to my products.

This would mean a lot of time and effort for little benefit for the business so this would not be a good idea to sell my goods. So this would not be my first choice of sales promotion. This method of sales promotion is good for the customer but not so good on the business.

GCSE Business Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

If I made these changes to my marketing campaign I will hopefully be able to successfully start my business and make a good profit. Conclusion So to conclude I am going to set up a business selling specialist chocolate. Student A - Vintage Clothes Shop Sales Promotion The types of sales promotion that I am going to use are discounts, because this will increase the interest in the product, as people like to think they are getting a bargain.

The information on my leaflets will be a mixture of persuasive and informative information to attract people to my shop.

Student A - Vintage Clothes Shop Sales Promotion I have chosen not to use the other methods of sales promotion because they are not really relevant to the clothes shop business for example product trials are good for testing confectionery items but I cannot go round asking people to test my t-shirts etc.

Advertising by Internet will reach a lot more people and allow me to show my range of products therefore allowing me to target a more varied consumer market. However if this proves to be ineffective then I will revise my advertising method and change to a more effective one like the Internet.

This type of advertisement can also target a particular market segment easily. It is a waste of money because Im not making a profit on the things I am giving away, however it will make the customers want to come back to my shop so in the long run it could allow me to make a greater profit.

My shop is going to be a small chocolate shop, which sells its own handcrafted chocolates, which are made at the back of the shop so I will need some specialist chocolate makers, there will be about four people working as this job but only two of these will be working at a time so the shifts are rotated round between them.

If I had more money I would use a more effective method of advertising instead of leaflets as these are easily thrown away. Discounts this is when you take money off the original price of the product.

I can use discounts to get rid of any old stock or slightly damaged stock, therefore I will not miss out too much on a profit and will still be able to buy new stock for the future. So I think that over all my shop will help the community by providing jobs for people and it does not hinder the community by litter because all of the litter produced is recyclable.

The only disadvantage is that it is easy to ignore this type of media so people may not find out about my shop through this. I could also do more advertising in magazines because this proved to be the way most people would look for vintage clothes shops.

Finally there are competitions these would not benefit my shop as I would have to spend money making the forms for the consumer to fill out. If they dont they will not be recognized or used therefore loosing custom, consequently causing a loss in profit as well which is not good for the business.

I have decided to use posters and the Internet to advertise my business this is because most people have a computer and the Internet and use it regularly and posters are seen by many people and have a very big impact so these two combined should have the biggest impact on the community.

Legal Constraints and Other Constraints I will have to think about the Legal Constraints I might come up against and how I could avoid them I would also have to think about other factors that could determine if I archived my main objectives or not such as other competitors could already have a larger market share than me also I would have to think about the fact that they benefit from economies of scale and I would definitely have to think about the location.

This could be useful for my shop as I can use it as a sale offer and therefore attract a lot more customers. This is good as it gets people to notice your product when you have a 10 off sign above it. I have chosen not to use the other methods of sales promotion because they are not really relevant to the clothes shop business for example product trials are good for testing confectionery items but I cannot go round asking people to test my t-shirts etc.

Competitions these are not used very often, and are often found in magazines. However it could be beneficial as I could get rid of old stock through this method.It has mainly led to the loss of innocent lives and those of loved ones in the Coursework Paper on Action Plan to Address Drunk Driving.

Open Always. (Sample Coursework Paper on Action Plan to Address Drunk Driving) Business Studies. Hello Basically we've done our AS exams and are now starting to go straight into the A2 module. We have to create our own business for the coursework and then create a business plan and research all factors (competitors, finance 'what if' scenarios etc).

Terms of Reference. This report has been prepared as a reflective work of my groups business plan for MBA course. The purpose of this reflection sheet is to redirect how I and my team mates worked while undertaking the project.

Download the action plan from the shared area. Lesson Objectives Currys. Horspath Driftway, Headington, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX3 7JG. The objective of this piece of coursework is to design and evaluate an effective marketing (GCSE Business Studies for Edexcel, Alpin et al,p) GCSE BUSINESS STUDIES COURSEWORK GUIDE (worth 25% of your final grade) You will need to buy a memory stick so that you can save the work that you • To write a detailed business plan for the new business enterprise that I.

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This plan specifically refers to my aspirations regarding to my personal development.

Business studies coursework action plan
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