Does marketing create or satisfy consumer

Thus, person has to make the choice between the products, which provides the most value, and satisfaction for their money. The main objective of marketing is to achieve organizational goals of the business by knowing their needs, wants and requirements in order to satisfy the customers.

This value is the benefit attached to the product, which acts as a key for satisfying the customer. These are some of the needs, which are not created by the marketer; they are natural and part of human life. Now a day, new trends have been observed that organizations are also trying to create needs.

There are various criteria that companies use to segment their products and some of them are geographic, demographic, psycho graphic and behavioral. Nike teamed up with Michael Jordan to create marketing giant. It is very essential for an organization to satisfy its customers.

I took some time to research some of the words that advertisements commonly use and I found an interesting mix of words and phrases.

Types of Surveys Companies also use market research surveys to better understand consumers needs. If the customers do not desired to purchase the goods then he will not buy it. In other words marketing is a process of interacting business activities and transaction. Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of customers.

They even have patrons fly into Washington DC just to experience their food and service. The main objective if every firm is to satisfy their customers in every way. Established companies are more interested in fulfilling the existing needs of consumers.

This was directed primarily towards the younger consumers and turned out to be a huge marketing success. My reasons are many and varied. A good example would be that everyone wants to eat out at expensive restaurants everyday but in reality only very few people can actually afford that lifestyle.

Consumer Needs & Marketing

They would use factors such as how populated and area is or how wealthy the population of a specific area is and target products that fit that mold.Marketing – is an integrated higher-level system, focused on creating conditions for the allocation of such factors.

The term “marketing” is derived from the English word “market”, and mean activity in the market. However, marketing as a system of economic activity -is a broader concept. May 25,  · Marketers believe that consumers have the ability to distinguish from needs and wants, and it's the marketer’s objective to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

However, marketing does not create needs, but only enlightens wants.  Does marketing create or satisfy needs? Take a position, marketing shapes or merely reflects needs and wants of consumer?When we talk about marketing, there are lot things that we should know ultimedescente.coming is activities of creating value that desired by the potential buyers and receiving value from the potential buyers for the value that they have received.

I, however, believe that marketing does not create needs; it helps shape the want for a specific product or brand to satisfy the need.

Does Marketing Create or Satisfy Needs? Essay

As consumers we want quality products that satisfy our needs and wants. Does marketing create or satisfy consumer needs? Comment on the “dark side” of marketing I believe marketing does both by first trying to satisfy the consumer’s needs and then second use the knowledge gained from their customers to introduce new products or services that will provide the best benefits for their consumers.

Marketing is all about finding the right target and satisfying their needs. However, consumer needs change and upgrade all the time. The company who claims to create consumer needs are just catching the chance to satisfy the newly changing or upgraded consumer needs.

Does marketing create or satisfy consumer
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