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Brawn Family Foundation Semester at Sea Scholarship

For students focusing in Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences with a strong academic record in their discipline. Our world is more globalized than ever before, driving a need to understand our world neighbors so that we may appropriately and mutually address the issues we now face, with the understanding that our different cultures provide varied perspectives.

Highlight your discussion by referencing at least one country on your itinerary and by explaining how your time there will further develop your awareness. I bonded with a group of 35 people I will never forget.

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The Onboard Reporter will provide blogs and social media content during the shore component, sea component, and after the voyage concludes in order to better educate the Sailors for the Sea boating community on ocean health issues. SEA Semester opened my eyes to a world that I thought only existed hundreds of years ago or in fairytales.

To take part in the Semester at Sea program, applicants must have successfully completed 10 courses with a minimum GPA of 2. It is rare to find an establishment that runs more smoothly than SEA, I have yet to find one. Learning what the Chinese value and how they conduct business will become part of my multi cultural experience, which will serve me well in future business endeavors.

For students with a record of service to their home or college community. For Semester at sea presidential scholarship essay with a background in nautical science, navigation, sailing or seafaring. I loved every minute of it yes even when dirty and tired and I love the way SEA runs its programs.

Sail away from the safe harbour. Deadline It is recommended that students interested in this program apply at least one year prior to their projected voyage dates. This award is currently unavailable. The experience of traveling to countries unique from my own will expand the way in which I understand the world.

April 20th for Fall semesters, November 1st for Winter and Spring semesters. I can think of no better way to enhance my personal global perspective than by developing it through travel around the world as a Semester at Sea participant. For students focusing their undergraduate studies in the humanities and demonstrating a strong academic record.

Therefore, we are committed to making SEA Semester programs affordable for all qualified and motivated students. How will your Semester at Sea voyage create or enhance your personal global perspective?

There is no application deadline associated with this award. Being immersed into cultures overseas will broaden my perspective on the world by enhancing my knowledge of other countries through interaction, observation, and critical thinking. Apply for this scholarship by submitting a one-page essay describing your background and elaborating on your educational experiences.

Hopefully Spring will be a reality. This experience was easily the most worthwile experience of my life thus far. For students with a strong background in marine sciences or oceanography.

Funding for these scholarships is provided by named endowed scholarship funds; some also consider need. Thinking about the ways in which Chinese culture, or any society for that matter, differs from, yet impacts, American culture, will allow me to better connect and understand the lives of people abroad and at home.

I wanted to conquer my fears and I did. I became a much more confident person, willing and able to conquer challenges. Include at least two examples. Contact a member of the faculty at Colgate for details. Excellence in the Humanities Award: Excellence in Marine Sciences Award: I started this program terrified of the ocean.

As a Semester at Sea student, you will:SAS - IMPACT Scholarship. Semester at Sea is committed to offering unique service opportunities while sailing on a voyage. As such, the IMPACT scholarship has been established to recognize students demonstrating a commitment to service in their community and home institution and a desire to continue this commitment during a.

Presidential Scholarship Application This scholarship is designed to encourage young people to reach their highest potential, to create in them the courage to embrace risk and change on their way to becoming future global leaders, and to ensure that the. Sep 24,  · My video to explain why I would be a perfect candidate for the Semester at Sea Presidential Scholarship!

Signet Classics Student Scholarship Essay Contest. and a full scholarship for one semester aboard the Semester at Sea Program upon enrollment at an accredited university. One runner-up receives a cash prize of $1, and a full scholarship to participate in the International Diplomacy Program of the National Student Leadership.

In order to be considered for the Tutu Ubuntu Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements: 1. Apply for and be admitted to a full semester voyage of Semester at Sea (Spring or Fall). Established inSemester at Sea is the only study abroad program of its kind in the world.

Using a ship as a traveling campus, undergraduates, lifelong learners, faculty, and lecturers live and learn together while circumnavigating the globe each fall and spring semester and exploring a world region each May and summer term.

Semester at sea presidential scholarship essay
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