Termpaper illegal logging

To a great extent, this is fueling the demand for illegal timber which means more illegal logging. For instance, the illegal logging in Amazon forest is projected to lessen rain in northern China and Midwest US while increasing rain in Northern Europe and Eastern Africa.

The reason for this is that illegal timber is normally cheaper compared to legal timber in black markets thereby denying legal operators competitive advantage. Illegal logging has serious economic Termpaper illegal logging social implications Termpaper illegal logging the poor and disadvantaged with millions of dollars worth of timber revenue being lost each year.

Illegal Logging Portal The term x27;illegal logging x27; is often used as short-hand to describe illegal practices related to the harvesting, processing and trade in timber and timber products.

Also, spreading the word about the impacts of illegal logging through blogs, social media, political groups, and community programs can help people understand the issues at hand which can eventually help address the matter.

Causes, Effects and Solutions of Illegal Logging

The Forestry Law states that it is essential for companies to be endorsed by authorities in respective regions with an IPK permit, a timber harvesting permit, for legal approval of their deforestation activities.

Although better rules and regulations are beginning to reduce the impacts of illegal logging, it still causes huge economic and social losses.

The Regulation starts on 30 November and requires that before import of these products or processing of raw logs, due diligence is undertaken to minimise the risk that the timber products or raw logs were illegally logged or incorporate illegally logged timber. The soaring demand for furniture and timber also propels the practice of illegal logging, a multi-billion dollar industry involving some of the top government officials and corporate executives as well as big businesses owners who are out for selfish monetary gains.

In this article, we focus on the underlying causes of illegal logging, its effects and solutions to the pervasive problem. Despite the economic importance of trade in timber and forest products, major international timber consumer countries, such as the EU, have no legal means to halt the import of illegally sourced forest products, [4] because the identification of illegally logged or traded timber is technically difficult.

The Conference brought together nearly participants from 20 countries, representing government, international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector. Example of term paper about illegal logging — Akibapass Shop Psychology Paper Top custom essay services, because there are how fair is a top Best.

Illegal logging

By doing this, we will be curtailing illegal logging together with its associated multi-billion dollar industry and illegal markets. Consequently, they are put in a situation where they source firewood for cooking and heating from the forest that encourages the practice of constant illegal logging.

We do this by uncovering the vested interests that conspire to do the opposite — the corrupt governments that pocket the proceeds of deforestation, the companies that strike secretive deals for forested land and turf communities off it, the institutions that bankroll them, and the international agencies that provide the political cover.

The Saint Petersburg conference brought together nearly participants representing 43 governments, the private sector, civil society and international organisations.

Logs are commonly cut on the Burmese side and then smuggled to processing facilities in China or Thailand. The modern day extinction rate has reached — times the biological normal, which equates to 1 — 10 species per year.

Some also depend on the forest resources for income and as such, illegal logging withdraws their only source of income which makes them modern day slaves and shadows of their real cultures.

A preparatory conference was held in Moscow in June Most of their shelter construction materials are also sourced from the forest which has led to repeated illegal cutting down of trees to obtain timber.

Illegal logging has become a matter of widespread concern, yet people use the term in different ways, without consensus on its meaning. From time to time however, these groups and organizations experience challenges in terms of support, funding or manpower. This is evident in places such as large protected swathes of northern Nan Province that were formerly covered with virgin forest and that have been deforested even while having national park status.

These illegal activities undermine responsible forest managementencourage corruption and tax evasion and reduce the income of the producer countries, further limiting the resources producer countries can invest in sustainable development. When the forest goes, so does their traditional way of life.

Forests Under Threat

Research indicates that this rate is only comparable to the historical biodiversity loss caused by catastrophic events such as huge volcanic eruptions. For the effectiveness of forest stewardship programs, it is essential that it works directly with the lumber mills and timber industry to monitor and curtail black markets.

Limited resources, weak institutions, and lax laws have contributed to inadequate law enforcement and the lack of proper land use management.

Prevention of Illegal Logging Practices. The rate is 85 percent in Myanmar and nearly 65 percent in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Corruption amongst local Indonesian officials fuels cynicism with regard to the governmental clampdown on illegal logging activities.

Illegal charcoal, furniture and timber trade There is an increasing dependency on charcoal, furniture and timber across the world.

Loss of revenue for governments Not only does illegal logging have massive environmental ramifications, it can also be economically crippling for poorer countries.Illegal logging is the lead cause of degradation of the world’s forests.

It includes the harvesting, transporting, processing, buying or selling of timber in violation of national laws. Some examples include Trees are harvested from.

Termpaper Illegal Logging. Essay on Effects of Illegal Logging – Palabras Cram Free Essay: What is illegal logging Illegal logging is not always a clearly defined term, but can be described as forestry practices or activities Illegal Logging In The Philippines Free Essays Essays. The global trade in roundwood, paper, furniture, and other products originating from illegally extracted timber is a multi-million dollar industry.

Illegal logging and related trade occurs when timber is harvested, transported, processed, bought or sold in violation of national or sub-national laws. Illegal logging occurs on most continents and is a major problem in areas like the South American rain forests and throughout Indonesia.

The Negative Effects of Illegal Logging

Sometimes the goal is not to harvest wood but to clear away protected forests. Illegal logging is the rule rather than the exception in many forest-rich countries – it is big business, and often reliant on collusion between companies and the state. Our exposé in Cambodia, for example, showed how China’s craze for chic rosewood furniture is fuelling a multi-million dollar timber smuggling operation in Cambodia.

Illegal logging is the harvesting of wood that is in violation of national regulations. This could include harvesting timber from protected areas, felling protected species, or exceeding logging quotas.

Termpaper illegal logging
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