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Such an absence may cause a student to fall behind to the extent that making up the work is difficult.

Pros and Cons of Modified Schedules Pros Teachers see fewer students during the day, giving them more time for individualized instruction.

With the six traditional class periods students only have forty-five to sixty minutes in each class before the bell signals for the next. An optimist may say that block scheduling will lessen the stress on students and provide teachers with the option to invent new teaching styles and methods.

Many schools work with schedules that are variations or combinations of these plans.

Block Scheduling in Schooling vs. Traditional Scheduling

Canady and Michael D. Block scheduling advantages outweighs its disadvantage. Classes in the block schedule are much longer than the traditional 40 to 50 minute period. The Copernican Plan Evaluated: High school students need to prepare for the future and get used to the way college classes are organized and with the block scheduling they are sure to do that.

The science teachers do like the longer periods, but we are discovering students are not retaining the material. Retooling the Instructional Day, by Gerald E. The block method is great for all high schools and preparing students for the future.

What will students do for minute periods? Block Scheduling allows students who fail a subject the first semester, to retake it the second semester.

Students take two or three courses every 60 days in a trimester plan to earn six to nine credits per year. Once advocates and opponents of block scheduling become entrenched, compromise between the groups can be difficult.

Block Scheduling vs Periods

At issue is how much French the student will recall after a break of several months. Courses like languages or mathematics are sequential. On his website Lindsay includes one of the many comments that he has received from parents and teachers: Since block scheduling has been implemented at Whitehall High School I have covered less material than I ever did in the other schools I taught in.

Many schools have seen test scores increase Wilson. Block Scheduling in Schooling vs.

Research Spotlight on Block Scheduling

Carroll emphasizes that the Copernican Plan is not an end; it is a means to an end. By the traditional six classes they stay in the same subject all year around. My friends and I immediately thought that block scheduling would be much easier to handle than the normal eight period schedule that had been used at our high school, Whitehall High School.

Only having four classes cut down on homework rather than six classes all year around. Like Copernicus, the plan deals with facts and research that has been known for a long time, but which never seemed to make sense in the real world of schools. Some critics of block scheduling point out that a student may take French I in the fall, not take French at all in the spring, go through the summer, and then take French II the following fall.

Many opportunities to help academics can come from the block scheduling method.

Other school districts combine long terms and short terms to provide time for remediation and enrichment for students, as needed. Grades in core classes are way down. While students have more time to do daily work instead of homework, teachers have more time for their planning period. It allows more time for more in class projects and individual work between students and the instructor.

Students have more time for reflection and less information to process over the course of a school day. Many schools around the country have implemented the non-traditional type of schedule. For example, on Monday, a student may have science, English, math, and physical education, while on Tuesday they have Spanish, history, science and music.Block Scheduling Review Essay - In this article, Slate and Jones seek to determine the social validity of block scheduling, as one “specific [factor] that can either contribute to or undermine” its effectiveness at a large Georgia high school.

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Block Scheduling Educators are constantly looking for new ways to improve the American educational system. Schools throughout the United States are adopting block or modular scheduling in dramatically increasing numbers. In contrast with the traditional daily six- seven- or eight-period schedule, a block schedule consists of three or four longer periods of daily instruction.

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Block Scheduling: It May Be A Large Mountain That Your Child Will Have to Climb. Argumentative Essay. By Matt Scholl As block scheduling is being implemented in more schools around the country, parents are finding that they are becoming interested in a part of life that they have long passed.

This is a proposal to the study to investigate the affect of school scheduling on the student body. The short introduction will establish a purpose to view the students’ reaction to the block or traditional class schedule as the cornerstone of their success in their learning endeavor.

A small debate has always been discussed when talking about block scheduling and traditional class periods. Some people like the longer classes while others prefer the traditional six shorter class periods.

The block schedule essay
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