The years 1509 1515 essay

Wolsey had attempted to gain the favour of Henry, and the Pope, rather than looking after the best interests of England.

How Successful was English Foreign Policy in the Years 1509 1529? Essay Sample

The final blow came in ; at which point the French finally made peace with Charles. However, Henry had not been aware that the Spanish had already defeated the French and made peace, and the soldiers that did not die of illness were sent home.

The new French King was Francis I, and at this summit it was decided that Francis and Henry would meet again in a few years — to cement the peace treaty made.

Henry joined the Holy League in the November ofand in early he sent around 12, troops to invade southern France, led by the Marques of Dorset. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Then, in Charles defeated the French at the Battle of Pavia, and Henry saw this as an opportunity to launch his own attack on Paris — and claim the French throne as his own.

She had been unable to provide him with a son, and as a result he wanted a divorce. However, an important lesson was learned about the workings of the European politics of the 16th century, and also about the capriciousness of its monarchs; working only in their own interests.

Because of this, Wolsey was becoming increasingly unpopular — his policies had failed and had proved expensive; an expense that both Parliament and the people of England were no longer willing to accept. Whilst Charles could not see why Henry should have any claim at all, when he had done so little to help in the defeat.

But Henry personally led this invasion; emulating what he considered to be the ideal king; 10th century Richard Lionheart, or King Arthur and his knights. What was learned from this early failure would shape Foreign Policy decisions in the years to come.

Charles abandoned England as an ally, and so inWolsey began to negotiate with France. However, a problem arose from this apparent success; whilst Henry was away leading this campaign, the King of Scotland, James IV, saw an opportunity to launch an attack on England.

In conclusion, during these years English foreign policy was flexible, occasionally to the point of being contradictory.

England at this point was isolated from the rest of Europe and European politics, and as well as failures of policy, Henry felt Wolsey had failed him personally. The trade of these was temporarily interrupted, although in response Wolsey was quick to negotiate a truce with the Netherlands.

More essays like this: This was definitely a failure, as the economic effect of the resultant trade embargo with the Netherlands was near catastrophic.

It was at this point that the relations between Charles and Henry broke down; Henry saw the defeated France as his by right — as the preceding English kings had ruled there.

English policy enjoyed both successes and failures — but it is arguable as to what extent these successes reached. In JanuaryHenry found himself in the situation where he was virtually at war with Charles V. It seems that for each small success Henry enjoyed, he was let down by fickle allies. There were two reasons that this left Henry stuck; the Pope would not disobey Charles and risk being killed, and Charles was the nephew of Catherine, and would not want Henry divorcing his aunt — if only to infuriate Henry, and not out of any affection for her.

Because France and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles had made peace, no one was willing to help free the Pope — held captive since Charles sacked Rome in In response to the incident however, English foreign policy was changed yet again — as Wolsey scrambled to salvage the situation.How Successful was English Foreign Policy in the Years ?

Essay Sample. During these years Henry VIII was the monarch on the English throne, and his foreign policy reflected both his hunger for personal glory, and his desire to see England become a major power in Europe.

Sources L and N agree that Henry and Wolsey conducted an effective foreign policy in the years although as source L is a painting it has a motive and probably a bias one whilst source M disagrees with the statement by highlighting ‘troubles associated from the Amicable Grant’.

7. How far did Henry VIII achieve his aims during the period from to ? Explain your answer. 8. Who was more important in directing foreign policy from to Henry VIII or Wolsey? 9. Assess the claim that Thomas Cromwell had carried out a ‘revolution’ in Tudor government by Essay about Henry VIII Words | 3 Pages.

Henry VIII Crowned on King Henry was an athletic yet cheery man.

He liked hunting and music very much. King Henry later in his years became outrageously fat. At a time he could barley become helped on his horse. The king married for love and rode, he carried the queen’s colors.

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Henry VIII - The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Henry VIII There are many differing views of Henry VIII, some people see him as a scholar and others as a jovial and merry king. Henry VII born on the 28th of January of and died on the 21st of April of was the first of five Tudor kings and queens that ruled England for around years, quite short for that time, but they become one of the most famous dynasties of Europe’s history.

The years 1509 1515 essay
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