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Not placing the bicycle or any other vehicle at the right place. If you lost the receipt, you shall fill in statement form Signature and signet are required. Most libraries in National Universities in Taiwan open until 11 pm 2. If I want to claim for the cash deposit, what should I do?

However, by observing the living environment and the role She Zu and Dan were taken in the economic production chain, we can find that they were different from other regional ragtag.

Rules for swiping card: Han ethnic group considered She Zu and dan as ragtag. Readers may hand in application fees at the information counter. All stuff that you bring into the libary is your own personal responsibility.

Thesis Lib Ncu Edu Tw

Therefore, certainly She Zu and Dan is optimum object for understanding regional ragtag. Among them many merchants especially gathered at Fukien and Guangdong for the advantage of location and natural harbor.

Usually we only kept the record for 3 months before we destroy it. Applicants are required to pay NT membership fee and NT cash deposit.

It shall take a month to process the acquisition. Please fill in cash return forn and hand it in with your library card and the cash deposit receipt. Yes, after the staff check the card, you could get into the library.

However, before the boom, some minority nationalities had resided in this region.

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Common readers over 18 years old may apply for the card by paying NT annual fee for the memebership and NT for cash deposit. Is it OK to bring backpack or foods into the library?

Is there any possibility that the information we gave will leak out to others? Suffering from the double identity of minority nationalities and regional ragtag, She Zu and Dan lived a hard life under cultural and economic oppression for a long time. If you smoking in the library, you have leave the library and if violate the rule once more you will have no right to enter the library.

Is there any rules for the student that we have to know? Two of the early inhabitants, She Zu and Dan, are the research targets of this study. Please make sure that all books are returned and fines cleared.

You could use ID card, driving license, health insurance IC card must have photos on itpassport or student ID card. Is there any possibility for longer service hours? Please resort to links library opening hour.

It shall take 7 days to process the application. Is it OK if readers above come on holidays or at night to apply for the library cards? Please keep the receipt for later return of the card and claim to the deposit.

Your data is safe with us. According to this study, She Zu and Dan were strongly impacted by Han ethnic group.National Central University (Taiwan) Institutional Repository提供台灣中央大學的博碩士論文、考古題、期刊論文、研究計畫等下載.

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Thesis lib ncu edu tw
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